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Content Marketing: Your Awesome Content in the Hands of More People

What is Content Marketing?

In one sentence:

“Providing information through various formats, that intends to educate and provide solutions to prospective customers”

This marketing method has grown in popularity recently, but it has been used for pretty long.

And for a good reason…

It works, when done right!

Nowadays everyone and their friends have heard about this term and they usually fall under one of the 3 following categories:

1) Put out a few blog posts, see what happens. Usually nothing happens, they keep doing it without a plan, or stop it.

2) Write on a consistent basis, have regular visitors, but they haven’t as many as they deserve and they don’t know how to treat them.

3) Develop content on a regular basis, that feeds the needs of their audience, extracting from it, leads and customers. Plus they get the more they can out of each piece of content.

Note: If you are in either of the other 2 categories please jump at the P.S. at the end of the page.

Where we come in

Beyond Backlinks usually works with people in the second (2) category, those who develop high quality content, but they don’t get the attention they deserve.

Namely they “build it”, but “they” are not coming in high volumes…

That’s where we come in and help promote your existing content via Social Media and by reaching out to influential people in your industry, who might be interested in it.

Apart from that, we also reach out to influential bloggers and media outlets, pitching them to feature a guest post from you, including a short bio mentioning and linking to your brand. In some cases, social media links might be applicable too.

This provides your brand with:

A) Brand Awareness
Raising the awareness of your brand to people potentially interested in it, will make them recognize you, building trust and rapport, thus making it easier to buy from you.

B) Thought Leadership
The more exposure you get, providing content of great value to your audience and in your industry, will gradually evolve you into a thought leader.

Being seen as a leader in your industry will allow you to charge a premium for your services and/or products and you will have more opportunities to grow your business’s and personal brand.

C) High Quality, Editorial Links
You will get a high quality link back to your site, usually from your bio at the end of the article, bring highly targeted referral traffic, which you can turn into leads.

Over time, content marketing will boost your brand to new heights!

Countless other companies, like Buffer, have used it to boost their presence, sales and overall marketing.

The big boys are doing it already, with great success, consistently each and every month.

Why not you?

There are various content marketing service plans you can get, according to your needs, but you could start with only a 3-digit budget per month and experience our results firsthand!

Feel free to ask us any questions you might have, with no further obligations.

We will be happy to answer them and talk with you!

P.S. If you are in either of the other 2 categories, here is what we have to say:

– If you are in category 1, we could work together, as long as you have some content ready or you will start developing quality content, as soon as possible. Please contact us, without any further obligations, to talk.

– If you are in category 3, we might work complementary, but this is pretty rare. If you would like to see if you are one if those rare exceptions, just drop us an email!

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

To your success,

-Alex Chaidaroglou
founder of Beyond Backlinks